A commercial Indian film is a full package of delight and sorrow, romance and parting, comedy and tragedy, violence and peace and every other known emotional expression of a human being.  Our life is exactly like an Indian film because we get to experience each of every emotional element in our life.

Let’s take love relationship which comes to everyone’s life at least once and most of us endure at least one break up. Wise and experienced people have confirmed that break up with a partner is a part of life and you must overcome the hangover of your relationship. But there are so many people among us who get stuck after break up with their loving partner and make their own lives full of miseries. These poor people need some inspirations to stand up again and move forward in their lives.

Few inspirational quotes which effectively help anyone to move on and let go

“You came alone and you will go alone. Don’t cry too much for anything in your life because you’re not allowed to take anything with you.” – Sage Shakya

This quote is the truest explanation of our entire lifetime. We were born naked and empty-handed while we will leave our lives in the same fashion. We have brought neither a single thing nor a person to make relationships with them and nothing or no one will accompany us after our death. They just come in our path and we start to like them while at the end we will be literally alone. So, reminding this unavoidable separation with everything you love at the end of your life you must ignore the separation with your partner and move on with your life.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Fallen leaves cannot be reattached to the twigs. There is no power or any magic in the world which can change anything that happened in the past, not even a thing that has taken place just in the previous moment. What we can do is we can plant another tree to grow the new leaves. So, whatever bad happened just a few moments ago in your life has already become only a part of the history that can not be undone. But you can really change the course of your life that lies ahead. You can write your fate in your own hands and can seal your victory or defeat in the future with your present deeds.

“Pain will leave you, when you let go.” – Jeremy Aldana

A deep wound continuously gives us pain until it is healed and if we do nothing to heal the wound, it gradually makes us disabled. Breakups usually leave deep wounds in our heart which gives sheer pain and these emotional pains corrode us from inside in an increasing rate unless those are subsided or totally left out. You have train yourself to fight and to go beyond your sad memories. Your unhappy moments will keep paining you if you do not force yourself to drive those out from your mind. You have to leave your sad memories in order to leave your pain for good.

“Whatever is gone, it was supposed to be gone for your own good.” – Unknown

There come some times when we have to leave behind some of our own beloved things, willingly or against our will. We should not shade many tears for these separations assuming our life’s permanent loss. Instead, we should let it go because the separation was unavoidable. Breaking up any relation for good means the relationship has gone away from your life forever. Remain always positive in any situation, even when a disaster hit you. Let the disaster steal from your life because you never know what better things are waiting to fill your life up again. Calmly bid goodbye to anything that has parted away from your life and waits for the good things it made way for.

“Whatever happens, the show must go on” – P. C. Sarkar Sr.

Every good thing has its own flaws and similarly, every bad thing has a few good things. It’s true even for the meanest things. We need to find the only good part of any bad incident, however tiny it is. At least we must take the lesson what not to do to avoid such bad incidents. But you must not lose faith on you on the circumstances and you must not step back from your life. Every bad patch of life comes with the assurance of a good time and you ought to go on with your life. Hence, do not break your life after breaking up with your partner, because you must carry on with your life with the fullest exposure.

These meaningful quotes are truly capable of providing you the courage to move on with your life in your own rhythm even after your break up with your beloved one.

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